NoScore Data Approach

We equip you with the underlying data and analysis tools to navigate values-based investmenting
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The issue with scores

Your client's investments deserve more than a rating or score

How much can be known from a AA, 8/10, or B- rated ESG fund? Every investment product has more to tell than just its overall rating.

The notion that a team of experts can reduce the complexity of values-based investing into a single score is concerning and furthers fears of greenwashing and regulators are starting to take note.
NoScore Data

Go beyond  Scores

Be a champion of investment transparency
Instead of displaying scores based on analyst opinions, YourStake presents full data in explainable formats.
ESG investments you can trust
YourStake gathers data from over 200 publicly available sources and cites every data point to ensure truth and verifiability.
Equal Comparisons
YourStake avoids voluntary company reporting to ensure a clean and understandable comparison.
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Customer Story - Institutional Client, NYC

“We can't find this level of transparency anywhere. YourStake shows us exactly where each company in our portfolios is releasing toxic air pollutants, and shows the methodology for how it's translated to real world impact.”

Get the full landscape of investment impact through metaphor reports.
Learn how to showcase Impact
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Data gathering and cleaning philosophy

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Raw data in explainable formats
YourStake offers 8 different forms of reports that present raw data in easy-to-understand formats. Each data point or metric can be clicked into to see the exact holding and even company location where they are polluting the world or helping it.
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Approach to data gaps
When a company does not have information about particular metrics, YourStake does not attempt to estimate for the sake of increased coverage.
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Collecting data only from trusted sources
YourStake only collects data that meets our strict internal criteria. These data sources are hosted by government agencies, academic institutions, or trusted NGO sources. We also look for data that applies to a broad set of companies and is updated frequently.
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Avoid Company Reported Data
YourStake avoids voluntary company reporting because companies use different methodologies to report similar metrics, resulting in misleading comparisons.
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