Impact Reporting & Metaphors

Diagnose and showcase impact using our eight reports

Metaphor Metrics

Emotional resonance: Translate investment impact into everyday terms

Coverage examples:
COVID hospitalizations
Asthma attacks
Fish harmed from plastic
Homes poered by clean energy
Cars off the road
Women in management roles
People affected by data breaches
Drunk driving incident
Screenshot of our Metaphor Report showcasing investment impacts in clear and understandable calculations

Full transparency with verifiable numbers

Numbers are explained - no black-box output
Tell a story of how Celanese contributes to asthma cases through pollutions
Justify all numbers presented
Feel confident to answer difficult questions
Celanese data showcase

Compare your portfolios to prospective clients

Relative Comparisons: How much better is a portfolio on each issue of concern

Customize: Comparison of issues that matter most to your clients
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image of the portfolio impact comparison report
Portfolio Research

Fund and Company Screeners

Leverage our data insights to find optimum alignment of portfolios to client values
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