NoScore Data Approach

Our NoScore approach equips you with categorized data, detailed context, and traceable sources, empowering you to create personalized portfolios aligned with your clients' values.

We gather data from over 300 trusted public sources, utilizing AI and human expertise to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Our rigorous methodology focuses on:

Raw data in explainable formats

YourStake offers 8 different forms of reports that present raw data in easy-to-understand formats. Each data point or metric can be clicked into to see the exact holding, source, and even location.

Approach to data gaps

When a company does not have information about particular metrics, YourStake does not attempt to estimate for the sake of increased coverage.

Data collected from trusted sources

YourStake only collects data that meets our strict internal criteria. These data sources are hosted by government agencies, academic institutions, or trusted NGO sources.

Avoid Company Reported Data

YourStake avoids voluntary company reporting because companies use different methodologies to report similar metrics, resulting in misleading comparisons.
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“The biggest challenges in values-based investing are data and process and YourStake is helping me really move forward and overcome some of those challenges. Your reporting and data is extremely valuable, I’m really happy to be a customer.” 

Michael Reynolds, CFP
Elevation Financial

The Problem with Ratings & Scores

Traditional fund ratings and score assessment approaches have several critical limitations:
Lack of transparency: Opaque, proprietary methodologies make it difficult to understand what ratings truly represent, fueling greenwashing concerns.
Oversimplification: Single ratings fail to capture the nuances and trade-offs inherent in values-based investing.
Inconsistency: Different rating agencies often produce widely varying assessments of the same fund.
Lack of granularity: High-level ratings don't provide the detailed, holding-level data needed for personalized portfolios.
Full transparency: Access to underlying data and metrics with clear explanations of methodologies and sources listed to better Understand exactly what impact investments are making.
Granular, holding-level data: Detailed data centered around 5 essential values themes with the ability to drill down into specific companies and locations.
Objective, standardized data: Data from trusted sources to avoid black box ratings or subjective judgments that provide consistent, reliable data for a broad set of companies, across a sector, geography, or whole economy
Lack of granularity: High-level ratings don't provide the detailed, holding-level data needed for personalized portfolios.

Highest Rated for Advisor Satisfaction 4 years in a row

YourStake has been rated the #1 ESG/SRI tool in the T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey since 2020. This recognition reflects our commitment to providing advisors with the transparent, explainable data they need to fully customize client portfolios according to their values.
We empower these managers and over $2 Trillion in Assets using our NoScore approach
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How we analyize and drive insights from data

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