Next era in ESG Investing - Dr. Suchi Gopal

"Looking at climate materiality, it's very difficult to estimate with a great deal of certainty what is the risk for hurricanes, what's the risk for storms, what's the risk for, floods or, sea-level rise, because the past is no longer a predictor for the future. "

This week, I had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Suchi Gopal, Founder, and CEO of ESG Analytics.Ai, a start-up focused on spatial ESG-enriched & AI-powered analysis solutions for investment asset outlook and risk assessment, and a professor at Boston University teaching spatial analysis and modeling and applying these to issues in biology, environmental science, public health, and business.

Together, Dr. Suchi and I discussed:

  • The SEC's proposal on GHG and Scope 1,2, and 3 emissions for included funds
  • Climate change issues such as rising sea levels, wine production, renewable energy sources, and food scarcity
  • Global Supply chain issues, and the effect they have on populations

Listen to the full episode below:


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