YourStake, YourStory Ep. 2 – What Sustainable Investing Does and the Impact it Creates ft. Jason Howell, CFP®, CPWA®, CSRIC®, Founder and President, of the Jason Howell Company

“I’m coming to sit with you to talk about what you want in life. From the beginning, financial planning was life planning.”

Welcome in to another episode of “YourStake, Your Story,” a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of financial advisors who lead with socially responsible and values-based investing.

Joining us today is Jason Howell, CFP®, CPWA®, CSRIC®, Founder, President, and Family Wealth Advisor at the Jason Howell Company. Jason is a founding Council Chair for the Financial Planning and Wealth Management Advisory Board at his alma mater, George Mason University.

Jason has been featured as both a financial expert and independent political strategist on FOX 5 DC, ABC’s News Channel 8, US News & World Report, Yahoo Finance,, Readers Digest,, Washington Business Journal and the New York Times. Before founding Jason Howell Company, he enjoyed a wide-ranging career that included years in banking, accounting, music, and academia, and he was even a US congressional candidate.

YourStake aims to provide advisors with everything they need to understand ESG issues, analyze portfolios, and report to clients. We want to equip you with the underlying data and analysis tools to navigate ESG. The YourStake, YourStory podcast is designed to amplify voices in the financial industry who are leading the charge for socially responsible investing practices.

Each episode, we are joined by experts in the field to hear their stories about what brought them into the industry, why they are passionate about ESG and values-based investing, and much more.

Dive in to this episode to hear about:

  • How Jason Howell got here (1:12)
  • What led him to run for Congress (9:14)
  • The transition to becoming a financial advisor (14:00)
  • Why ESG? (20:54)
  • Placing values-based investing up front (32:20)
  • Figuring out the values of clients (37:10)
  • What sustainable investing actually does (44:33)
  • Where Jason thinks ESG is headed (50:30)

Thank you to Jason Howell for joining us in this episode! Be sure to tune back in every other week for a new episode of YourStake, YourStory and hear another amazing voice in the industry.



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