Ep. 12 - An often overlooked mega-trend: Alternative Proteins

Ep. 12 - An often overlooked mega-trend: Alternative Proteins

Gabe Rissman talks with Elysabeth Alfano, CEO, VegTech Invest about how alternate proteins could be the next biggest sector of investment for ESG.

Gabe Rissman

Elysabeth Alfano, CEO of VegTech, is the fund manager and advisor to the world’s only plant-based ETF, EATV. She is driven and passionate about addressing climate change in a matter of years not decades. Often, many reports say we have till 2050, but she argues that we need to look at 2030 as the date we need new systems in plate to reap the existential rewards by 2050. 

While many issues related to climate change like renewable energy and green transportation are imperative to a healthier planet, looking at how agriculture contributes 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations is an area many aren’t considering and this sector is ripe for disruption. 

Listen to Elizabeth and Gabe discuss this hidden mega-trend that can help create a meaningful impact on our planet and learn about how our agriculture industry connects to food security, the global supply chain, public health, and animal welfare.

In this episode, Elysabeth and Gabe discuss:

  • The growing issue of how to create more food in a shorter amount of time while causing less damage to our planet
  • How raising 80 billion animals affects issues of land management and our own health.
  • How alternative proteins are created and why using fermentation and fungi creates massive amounts of proteins with low resource use.
  • How to bring planet-based innovation into client portfolios and how to talk about its impact on the environment

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