Believe in the comment process with Keri Riemer, K&L Gates

In this episode of The next era in ESG investing, we talk with Keri Riemer of K&L Gates about her thoughts on the proposed changes to ESG investing from her perspective and past experience of working both for the SEC, and firms like JP Morgan on federal securities law issues and representing registered investment companies and their advisors.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the proposed changes could lead to some mislabeling of funds that utilize exemption screens but maybe aren’t ESG funds
  • Thoughts on how the comment process can lead to better discussions and changes to the SEC proposal and how to craft a response letter that aids in the final adopted policy
  • How the SEC’s lack of defining a universal definition for ESG might not be an issue, but there is a need to provide stronger definitions to other areas of ESG investing and providers
  • The challenge in reporting GHG emissions and WACI calculations that might be on different schedules

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