Portfolio Designer Tool

Easily deliver a more values-aligned portfolio  that is financially as good or better than your existing allocation model.*
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We live in the age of personalization

Now more than ever, everyone is looking for some level of personalization in their lives.

Clients no longer want a cookie-cutter approach to their investment portfolios or their interactions with their financial advisor.

And, clients are coming to you with an increasing list of requests

More and more, clients are requiring their portfolios to align with particular issue areas like no guns, pro-clean energy, anti-pharma, or pro-pharma.

But adding this level of customization to each portfolio can be heavily time consuming and challenging to find investments that align with each client's needs and still achieve financial goals.

Our solution: The new Portfolio Designer

This tool helps to show top fund alternatives to build a more values-aligned portfolio that is also financially as good or better than your existing model with the click of a button.

Take existing portfolios and customize to individual needs.

1. Select a starting portfolio model by uploading your own or using a pre-built portfolio.
2. Input value sets that you're looking to optimize to, utilize our 8 personas or customize based on your clients' responses to our Behavioral Values Questionnaire.
3. Set the financial metrics you're looking to be at least as good on. For example, you could select 5yr returns and R Squared.
4. Click "Generate Portfolio"

Discover how fund swaps can help create a better portfolio

See a side-by-side comparison across metrics such as
Values Alignment, 5yr returns, and other risk metrics.

Values shown in green indicate where the new portfolio with alternatives is better than the existing.

Easily save the new portfolio on our platform, export to an integration partner, or build reports to highlight how the new portfolio generates impact across key metrics
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*For informational purposes only. Not an investment recommendation.

All information is historical and not indicative of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the quoted past performance, which cannot guarantee results.

Share price, principal value, and return will vary, and you may have a gain or a loss when you sell your shares. Performance assumes reinvestment of distributions and does not account for taxes. After-sales-charge returns reflect the maximum sales charge applicable to the fund, which can be found within the Table Chart. Performance may not reflect any expense limitation or subsidies currently in effect. Short-term trading fees may apply. To obtain the most recent month-end performance, visit Morningstar.com


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