Upload any client statement and quickly get a formatted Excel file

Utilizing AI in this process saves an Advisor hours of administrative work per client.

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Instantly receive an analysis of the uploaded portfolio

Whether it be a quarterly check-in or prospect analysis, our platform is built to easily see areas of strength and areas of concern.
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Chat-with-portfolio is an analyst at your fingertips

Wonder why Fees are so high? Ask Intelligent Advisor what holdings are causing it. Need to see the top and worst performing securities last quarter? Quickly get the answer all in client-friendly language.
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Output a presentation aligned to your brand

White-labeled to your firm standards so you can incorporate it into your client meetings.Easily toggle between the level of detail you would like to show.
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Generate magic through AI enhancement

We've built new analysis and administrative solutions that gives time back to Advisors so they can focus on growing their practice.
"These tools are on the bleeding edge of what this team is capable of doing. YourStake is building the future of client personalization,"
- Financial Advisor based in New Jersey
AI Statement Transcription
Save hours of work per client by letting AI do the heavy lifting.
Instant Analysis
In minutes, get a full analysis across key personalization pillars.
It's like having a personal in-house analyst, able to answer any question.
Client-Ready Proposals
Toggle between layers of data and insert directly into client reports.


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