NoScore ESG.

  • Just the Truth. No opinions or estimations.
  • Utmost Compliance. Transparency withstands all scrutiny.
  • Realize your own values. Have it your way, or each client's.

Power Your

SMA Construction

Equip your analysts with all the data they need to customize SMAs for institutional clients according to their specific values.

Pay flat fees of $9,999/seat -- no basis points.

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Direct Custom Indexing

Leverage our APIs to power the ESG experience for your in-house Direct Custom Indexing solution. Accelerate your development and provide best-in-class data and reporting to your clients.

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Index Product Creation

Launch an ETF! Express your thesis leveraging our data, and/or bring your own data and we'll handle the data processing and upkeep for you.

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The Problem with ESG Scores

The notion that someone, or team of experts, can reduce the complexity of ESG into a single score is tempting. Until you see a score that surprises you. And then you spend your analysts' time trying to reverse-engineer why. What data were they looking at, and to what extent does the score reflect opinion? This repeats for each of the many ratings vendors.

Meanwhile, under cover of complexity and black boxes, companies and funds are impact-washing. And regulators are taking note.

What do we mean by NoScore?

We present you the facts with full transparency. All the data sources, all the calculations.

We then provide you powerful tools to handle that complexity yourself.

You can focus on the values and data that matter to you, or specific clients. Your terms, not ours.