YourStake, YourStory Ep. 9 - The Future of Investing should be Values-Based ft, Meghan Lape-Lefevre, AFC®, CFP®, EA®

Welcome to another episode of “YourStake, Your Story,” a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of financial advisors who lead with socially responsible and values-based investing. In this episode, Gabe Rissman talks with Meghan Lape-Lefevre, AFC®, CFP®, and EA® of Conscious Impact Financial. Meghan founded her practice in 2020 while in Germany and has since moved to Colorado where she uses values-based investing to align her clients' beliefs with their investments. 

In this episode, Meghan and Gabe talk about:

  • How her clients are passionate about what they invest in and how values-based investing allows for positive returns and impact.
  • How information is power when it comes to investing, and how finance needs to separate from using high technical jargon to make investing seem accessible to all.
  • Why ESG isn’t the best way to describe this trend in values-based investing, and why we ought to consider socially responsible investing instead.
  • How mathematics brought her to her path as a FInancial Planner, and her ideas on how values-based investing is going to be the next era in investing

About YourStake Your Story:

YourStake aims to provide advisors with everything they need to understand ESG issues, analyze portfolios, and report to clients. We want to equip you with the underlying data and analysis tools to navigate ESG. The YourStake, YourStory podcast is designed to amplify voices in the financial industry who are leading the charge for socially responsible investing practices.

Each episode, we are joined by experts in the field to hear their stories about what brought them into the industry, why they are passionate about ESG and values-based investing, and much more.



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