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Utilize AI to fuel better investment research

Discover AI-Powered Investment Search - streamline your process of investment search with the power of AI, saving you hours of research

Leverage AI to discover investment opportunties using a single word or phrase.

As a financial advisor, it's not uncommon to receive requests from clients for investments that span multiple themes or sectors. However, finding suitable securities can be a tedious and uncertain task that involves sifting through an abundance of options.

To streamline this process and give you more time to focus on your clients, we've introduced an AI-powered Investment Search tool. Our unique AI approach employs a range of customized prompts and company data to ensure consistent and transparent outcomes that align with your clients' needs and that don't leave you worried about how and what AI is doing.

Step into the future of Investment Discovery

Discover investment opportunities for any client concept, no matter how unique.

Start using the most powerful tool to keep clients engaged with their portfolios.

How it works

Start with an idea or theme
Enter any word or phrase to get started. From "companies that invest in battery manufacturing" to "Neodymium Mining".
Let AI do the heavy lifting
Search through company and fund information to curate a list of investment opportunities that match your query.
Results to drive action
See opportunities that match through a overall match score and description highlighting why the generated list fits the idea.
Information at your fingertips
Click through ability brings the added transparency to see how result investment options can be the right choice for your client.
AI Security

Fostering trust and credibility in AI

AI can seem like a black-box output where knowing what to trust can feel like a due diligence process all on it's own. We've fixed that.
Custom Prompts
Our AI experts have built their own custom prompts and proprietary LLMs that allow for greater transparency and repeatability in what is shown instead of letting AI decide.
Not just GPT
We utilize the leading AI tools across the industry like Anthropic, and OpenAI to get better outputs with lower risk so you can feel confident in using AI.
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